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Ali Bey Resort Sorgun

Workout for Life Holidays

15.05. - 22.05.2022
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Ali Bey Club Manavgat

Fiesta Week feat. Zumba® Fitness

01.05. - 08.05.2022
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Ali Bey Club Manavgat

Aerobic & Fitness Week

08.05. - 15.05.2022 11.09. - 18.09.2022
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Bluesun Grand Hotel Elaphusa

Your Active Body Fitness Week

21.05. - 28.05.2022
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Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa

Workout for Life Holidays Bol

17.09. - 24.09.2022
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Hotel Bella Playa & Spa

MallorcaFit by Luciano Mottola

19.06. - 26.06.2022



  • Well-known, international presenters
  • Eventweeks for each fitness type
  • Huge selection of courses
  • Exclusive fitness partner
  • Gala evening
  • Welcome party
  • High quality devices and equipment
  • Feeling like a professional
  • Fantastic locations
  • Professional support on-site


Marta Formoso Iglesias

As international fitness presenter Marta is able to transfer her passion for dance to the world. She operates as global trainer for the “Adidas Dance Team”. With her style, charisma and uniqueness she is inspiring all people, who have as much fun dancing, as she does. Her training is broadly diversified, from ballet, modern, hip-hop, reggae, latin to bollywood. Her dance fitness programs are all innovative, creative and with a Spanish and vivacious strain.

[Translate to English:] Fitzroy Gaynes

Fit Fitz, der internationale Top Presenter und Entwickler von effektiven Kursen wie H.I.T und Condition X-Press, ist einer der meist gebuchten Personal Trainer Londons. Mit seiner kreativen Energie weiß er seinen Boxer-, Athletik- und Cross-Country Running-Hintergrund einzusetzen. Diese Vielfalt und Kreativität machte ihn zu einem der Gründer von FAB (Fitness At its Best) und ließ ihn Kurse wie “Step-A-Jam“ entwickeln.

[Translate to English:] Robert Steinbacher

"Unser Anspruch ist hoch und mit PAT haben wir genau den passenden Partner für unsere Events gefunden. Unsere Sportevents und Holidays mit bodyART® und deepWORK® finden so viel Zuspruch, weil einfach das Gesamtpaket stimmt. Danke an das Patricio Travel-Team!"

[Translate to English:] Michael Dela Cruz

Michael Dela Cruz has a Philippine background and is a real fighter with rhythm in his blood. He is already since 21 years in the fitness sector and he is active as an international presenter in Asia, America and all over Europe. His passion for dance made him a choreographer for numerous fitness shows and TV productions. In addition, he is training with the top athletes of the Olympic cadre. Besides dance, house moves, hip hop and salsa he is also offering athletic-fight and toning formats and knows every groove in his courses.

[Translate to English:] Virginia Winsemann

“Extend YOUR summer and come along to the gorgeous island Mallorca. Be inspired of the beautiful atmosphere! Enjoy and experience fantastic bodyART® and deepWORK* training sessions with our bodyART® Master team and a perfect organization of our Patricio Travel team – THANK YOU to the whole Patricio Travel team for your great services.”

[Translate to English:] Taras Klimov

As international fitness presenter, amongst others, in Italy, China, the Netherlands and Russia, and as methodologist at the International Fitness School (IFS) in Moscow, Taras is travelling around the world, to share his passion for step aerobics and dance. In 2011 he won the onfit award as “The best group exercise Instructor of Russia 2011” and the “Faces of Fitness 2010 (Rimini, Italy)” award. Moreover, he is the winner of the international Fitness Open 2009 (Russian Presenters Contest) and the “FIF International Team Presenter”.

[Translate to English:] Christian Gasch

“As presenter and speaker for bodyART® and deepWork® I feel very well supported from the PAT-employees at all times. The organization of the arrival and departure, as well as the service on-site through the PAT team is always great. At any time, I would preoccupy the services of Patricio Travel, whether as presenter/speaker or as private traveler. Thanks to the whole Patricio Travel team!”

[Translate to English:] Zena Saheli

Zena is active as reebok ambassador. She studied dance on the broadway in New York. Besides working as an international presenter, she is also choreographer and dancer. With her passion for movement she is able to combine authentic and creative combinations of the street style with aerobics and thus cast a spell over the participants.