Aerobic & Fitness Week 2020

Ali Bey Club Manavgat 13.09. - 20.09.2020

When we started planning for this year's fitness events after the Aerobic & Fitness Week in September 2019, nobody could have guessed what 2020 has in store for us.

After the worldwide travel warnings and travel cancellations in spring and summer 2020, we as Patricio Travel have decided to send a positive signal this autumn.

Together with our partner, Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts, we believed that a great and unforgettable week of events was possible with good hygiene regulations and distance rules.

And what should we say - the participants and presenters who traveled with us to the Ali Bey were completely enthusiastic.

We were all able to convince ourselves of the perfect hygiene concept from the Ali Bey Club. The hotel staff pay close attention to hygiene and distances.

At no point do you feel as a guest impaired by this - quite the contrary.

Due to the situation-related adjustments of the event, it was unfortunately not possible for us this year to set up the usual, packed course schedule, but with the surprising appearance of the superstar and "Master of Disaster" FITZ, the slight displeasure about it was already gone on Saturday evening. A first, a very personal warm-up with his popular FITz LifeStyle Training took place on Sunday, to the delight of the participants, and together with our other TOP presenters, the perfect start to the week followed on Monday morning with the traditional Welcoming & Presenter Special! Our energetic Marta Formoso Iglesias, who was accompanied by her infinitely sweet daughter this year, really heated up our Step Queens. Taras Klimov, our Russian sports fanatic, made our guests rave this year with his passionate dance and step lessons, but also with varied stretch and functional courses. Flown in from France for two days, our popular Zena Saheli honored us with her unique combinations of street style and aerobic choreography. The week was rounded off with various courses in which our fiery Aliya Ibragimova, as well as newcomer Anastasia Rokina,made the guests sweat with yoga, super sculpt or booty workout / stretch. In addition, daily cycling classes on the beach with Tom Dederichs and an online course with Michael Dela Cruz were on the agenda.

The group dynamics of the participants and presenters were unique, so that during the week, in addition to sports, fun, joy and personal closeness were by no means neglected. Of course, we didn’t miss typical program items such as a welcoming beach chill out at the new beach bar and the traditional gala dinner in the beach restaurant.

We would like to thank every single one of our loyal guests from the bottom of our hearts, with whom we were able to spend a very special, unforgettable week on the Turkish Riviera despite or perhaps because of the circumstances. It was great with you! Thank you all for being there and see you next year for another breathtaking Aerobics & Fitness Week!

Are you still unsure whether you should travel to Ali Bey during these times? We spared no effort and conducted an aftermovie and interviews with guests on site with our top photographer Davide Cappucci, which will be available shortly. You can already view photos of the week here. Have fun and we hope to see you at one of our events in 2021!

Your Patricio Fitness event team,

Steffi & Aileen


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